Sometimes you just want pizza


You know the feeling. You sit down for no holes barred, no expense spared, 7.500 course meal of the finest dining. A seemingly endless flow of plates displaying bizarrely cooked portion of some nearly extinct ungulate flots in front of you. Heavily ruminated mounds of partially digested yak fills your gullet as yet another plate of Latvian aardvark lips appears in the sea startlingly white plates. Halfway through the consumption of plate number 650, a beautifully prepared, freshly peeled liver of greenpeace activist – a vegetarian dish – you realise you would rather be eating pizza. Yep you would rather be forcefully, deliberately and passionately devouring a pizza.

Such it is photography. Recently in the quest to acquire a photographic device that would lift my images to level that would give me instant international recognition – yep I wanted a new camera, I explored the myriad of features now encased in the boxes of black magic that come from that centre of Japanese manufacturing excellence – Thailand. After hours buried in menus and features that for example, would allow me to take amazing images without me even being there, I decided what I wanted was warm enticing pizza, something simple, effective and downright basic. Something that brought the pleasure back.

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