Stopping to hold the tulips


We all do it. Caught up in the seemingly never ending cycle of more, more and yet more followed by a fleeting wish for it to be another way. Then one day, you stand at the battlements, sabre, flag and beer in hand proclaiming, in a terrible French accent, “I have had enough. I don’t need all this crap”. For me the time came for me to pile all the furniture into a pile, set fire to it, all while badly singing tunes from Les Miserables because of two things. The first, alcohol and the second from the simple action of seeing somebody else getting simple, unreserved joy, from simply holding a tulip. Touching, I know.

So before you say “Stephen, what has this blog become? A soul clearing house unrelated to its stated aims of discussing architecture and..or photography?”. Jeez be patient….

What this dear person gained from this simple, yet beautiful flower (I am getting all emotional here) is simple pleasure without the trappings of a five story penthouse, overlooking the Rivera while sipping champagne from the navel of that sultry brunette I somehow always manage to drag into my blog posts. No Italian exotic car with an unpronounceable name in the subterranean lockup garage. Just simple appreciation of a singular beautiful thing.

Here we go, this bit might actually get relevant, but I cant be sure. My Jerusalem moment came after buying a new tool of trade, a black box with a lens, simple unadorned with little trickery. While it has plenty of bells and whistles , its the humming I am after. The simple things that make it so easy to make you smile. Then it you realise you have what wanted all this time, without all the complexity and fancy stuff. The result, a step forward into a simpler more satisfying view of my future world and what I need to make it so.

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