Happiness is for wimps

9826839743_47435925c5_c Images are full of the positives in the world, we are inundated with cheery views of flowers, puppies, smiling children and the eternally happy. However the world doesn’t work that way, many of the most striking images depict out darker, sadder moments. Photography as medium is perfectly suited to conveying emotion, the greater the emotion conveyed the stronger the image and there is nothing more emotional than the bottom of the barrell. Like all my posts I somehow always seem to reference that same things. However instead of channeling the beautiful erotic moments to inspire your creative output, this time its the difficult times. Yep, despair produces great stuff. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing than the low points. Sure flowers are lovely but dispear and malencholy have their place too. So celebrate the hard times and turn them into something great.

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