You know the kind of day, where you wake up not enthused by anything. You roll over, kick the rubbery eggs and soggy toast of the plate sitting on the end of your badly rumpled bed and crankily utter “its all been done before, there is nothing new to explore, why am I ever bothering”. Arising to the slate grey skies makes it no better, placing your moth eaten burgundy tartan slippers on your frostbitten feet doesn’t make navarna appear before your eyes, bloodshot from another failed attempt at gargling vodka as means to finding contentment. It aint exactly the stuff of fairy-tales is it.

So in the style of all my blog pieces, two things must occur, a reference to a sultry brunette and some pithy commentary mildly relevant treatise at the end to wrap it all up into something loosely resembling a logical conclusion. So here goes…

Recently the opportunity to revisit a life landmark place I hadn’t been to for many years presented itself. I had thought about going back there several times over the years but I couldn’t see how I would do things differently – I was still carrying the same perspectives, the same preconceptions as what I would see, do and photograph ( I told you I would make it relevant !). I was still seeing with the perspective of all those years ago, I couldn’t see how all these years later would be any different. However it appears I was an idiot, some things are always magnificent no matter how long its been – like the sultry brunette lying on the morning sunlight drenched cotton sheets in a pensione in Naples – and I had seemed to have missed one vital point. All the things I loved all those years ago were still fantastic with new layers, complexities, experiences to discover. My perspective had changed and with it the range of things I could appreciate. The older me had reconnected in a way that utterly surprised me.

So in I marched, prepared for a nice visit to former days and almost immediately I realised it wasn’t at all like going back to the familiar, it was like rediscovering it all again – a new perspective not only made it great again it had made it even better – I will even say truly fantastic. So don’t ignore your previous work, go back and see it with different eyes and you will be amazed how the yesterday can become your new tomorrow.

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